Vol. 1 - T600 Impulse Responses

The first IR library from Samplicity contains 89 impulse response sets that were created with a very famous Danish hardware reverb unit (”6000″) in pristine 32 bit quality.

1,6 Gb download in multiple RAR volumes.

The T600 IR’s have been created in 48 Khz and 44.1 Khz separately.

Version 1.3 is a download-only version. We have reduced the number of variations that were available on the previous DVD version, which were around 4 Gb in size. Now that the Wave file format has become a standard, we have dropped the AIFF files. Furthermore, we have also dropped the Altiverb 4 SD files.

File formats:
Altiverb 5/6 folder structure with required filenames and folder names (.wav files)

Bit depths:
24 bit
32 bit (FP)

Sampling rates:
44.1 Khz
48 Khz

All IRs are also available in mono-to-stereo versions.

Price: € 69.00
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