Vol. 2 - L96 Impulse Responses

136 True Stereo IRs: 115 presets and 21 variations from the presets of the famous 960L reverb unit.

1,6 Gb download in multiple RAR volumes.

Version 1.3 is a download-only version. We have reduced the number of variations that were available on the previous DVD version, which were around 4 Gb in size. Now that the Wave file format has become a standard, we have dropped the AIFF files. Furthermore, we have also dropped the Altiverb 4 SD files.

File formats:
Altiverb 5/6 folder structure with required filenames and folder names (.wav files)

Bit depths:
24 bit
32 bit (FP)

Sampling rates:
44.1 Khz
48 Khz

All IRs are also available in mono-to-stereo versions.

Price: € 69.00
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